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Email Setup from
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We apply a trusted and proven email marketing flow structure used by some of the biggest brands in eCommerce, fully automated. This includes full flows for wherever your customer is in their journey with your brand, ensuring fully customised and bespoke touchpoints. Abandoned carts, VIP lists, curated segmentation, win-back sequences to name just a few. Hand in hand with this, we spear head your email campaigns to ensure we are leaving no stone unturned with your database and driving maximum revenue, with direct impact to your bottom line.


Personalised content, from our team of advanced designers ensuring your emails reach your customers inbox with a bang! No more drab and dull emails lost in the mailbox. Say hello to a refreshed look, with click through rates that are unparalleled.


Uncover lost sales by leveraging SMS marketing. Touchpoints with your customer base via SMS at the right times, done in the right way. The days of under leveraged customer mobile numbers are gone.



  • "Working with them was the best decision we have ever made but they honestly go far beyond just business. They scaled our business to something we did not even think was possible in a very short period of time."

    Anna Toufekchian CEO, Love & Labels
  • "I’ve taken a few brands to over 8 figures in sales...The Normal Company is THE BEST I’ve ever worked with. I've worked with 5 different agencies in the email space, and nobody has done a better job than The Normal Company. I'm always going to recommend them"

    Brian Porter Founder, Tuned in Tokyo
    Multiple eCommerce Brand Exits
  • "Their onboarding process and their full approach to email automation is really slick and well thought out, and much better than what we were doing before"

    Daniel Rees Co Founder, Ruroc
    Scaled the Ruroc Group from $0 - $50m ARR
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To begin with, we work with you on a personal basis to fully integrate with your brand DNA, and ensure we have your vibe on lock. We take the time to understand your brand from a consumer level, and how you speak with your customer.

After onboarding, we curate a bespoke strategy based on what you have in place currently, and what gaps you have which are stopping you hitting growth and revenue targets. We apply a tried and tested framework, with bespoke twists that work for your specific brand, customer profile and niche, to ensure we ace it from the very start.


Your strategy on a flow level, and a campaign level will be fully bespoke and well strategised from the get-go. After doing a deep dive, we will then work with you to create campaign calendars that suit your upcoming releases, promotions and fundamental brand ethos.


From everything we strategised in our previous phase, we begin integrating, and this is where the fun starts. Klaviyo will start to look hotter than ever, as we begin seeing the performance of our campaigns and flows take effect.

From front to back we have an intricate internal process we follow, and a well organized team working on your account which include best in class copywriters, content designers, coders, and account managers that work together at every step, ensuring peak performance for your brand.

Lift Off

Data led decisions are how we operate. After the initial phases, data will come to hand which we can leverage for peak performance and continual refinement. We are data nerds, and it shows. We go through everything with a fine tooth comb leaving no stone unturned when it comes to peak delivery and performance. This is where the magic happens as we make improvements to get your brand in a snowball effect of growth as we progress through each month of data.

Our 8 Figure Exponential Growth Framework:

Once underway, we plug your brand directly into our 8-figure email system.

Higher retention, Higher profitability, Lower acquisition costs, and far higher conversion rates are what we guarantee as standard.

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Why Normal?


We take pride in our industry-best level of personal account management. No matter the size of your brand, when you work with The Normal Company you have a dedicated and extremely proficient Account Manager working alongside you, integrated in your very own Slack channel. They are with you every step of the way and play an integral part in creating a long standing partnership between brand and agency.

We have built a reputation over years of hard work, working with brands at the very top of their market. Boasting 100’s of partnerships with brands that have lasted for years on end, we’re trusted by the best.

True transparency at every level, and treating your marketing output and MER as if it were our own. Throughout our entire working relationship, you will be fully in the know of what’s happening, and what comes next.

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