Myles Broom


Co-Founder & Director
Brand Expert, Travel Lover, 'Deep' Thinker.

Favorite Book:Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene
Currently listening to:All Day & Night, Jax Jones
Dream Client:Breitling
Achilles heel:Krispy Kremes
  • Worked his way up into management at a FTSE 100 company aged just 18
  • Was part of marketing pitch teams to the likes of Virgin Money and M&S from an early age
  • Currently consulting on e-commerce skin cream product branding for a $Billion company

Cameron James


Co-Founder & Director
The Lionel Messi of Facebook Ads, Loves Miami, Petrol Head.

Favorite Podcast:Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu
Currently listening to:Fast, Juice WRLD
Dream Client:Gymshark
Achilles heel:Monster Energy
  • Transformed his life from working in the offshore industry as a commercial diver, to starting his own eCommerce store at age 19 and has since generated over 7 figures in online sales
  • Uses this knowledge to help other brands get vast scale
  • Managed over $1.5million in Facebook ad spend in 2019
  • Managed over £600k+ in Facebook ad spend in 2018

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