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Adidas enters the Metaverse, and your brand should too.

Adidas has officially announced they are deep down the rabbit hole of the Metaverse, partnering up with considered blue chip NFT projects Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Punks Comic in what they consider to be “one of the most exciting developments in digital”.

On the back of their tweet, a link will take you directly to a page which states:

“It’s happening. Gmoney, Punks Comic and the Bored Ape Yacht Club lead Adidas into the Metaverse. Let’s go.”

In addition to this, Adidas have changed their profile picture on both Twitter and Instagram to a 1of1 Adidas X Bored Ape Yacht Club pfp (profile picture), falling in line with the NFT space, and how members of the NFT space all have their owned NFT’s as their profile pictures, displaying their unique identity and virtual metaverse clout.

Adidas enters the Metaverse

If this is all new to you, think of an NFT and changing your pfp to one, as being much like a ‘digital flex’; similar to how some may wear a Rolex or wear designer.

In addition, NFT’s allow the holder extensive utility and perks; which vary from project to project.

This comes as many Celebrities have joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club over the past month, changing their profile pictures as they do so, displaying how they are a part of one of the most elite NFT circles out there.

Some celebs in the BAYC include: Post Malone, The Chainsmokers, Jimmy Fallon, Logan Paul, Mark Cuban.

The list at this point is only growing and those A listers are just the tip of a very big iceberg not only for the BAYC, but for the NFT space alike.

It was also reported that Kylie Jenner DM’d a member of the BAYC asking what their price was to sell their pink Bored Ape, to no avail.

Adidas purchased Bored Ape Yacht Club #8,774 which was last sold for 46ETH ($156K at the time of settlement). The BAYC has heart-shaped sunglasses, a gold hoop for earrings, a “bored” look, a fisherman’s hat, and blue fur. In the recent Adidas tweet, the company has the BAYC sporting a yellow Adidas jacket with the classic three-stripe design.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club currently, at the time of writing boasts a ‘floor price’ (cheapest you can obtain a Bored Ape on the secondary market for) of 50.6ETH, or $231,000.


So, what can your brand do?

If your brand can begin to understand this new emerging world of digital flex, private circles, and how NFT’s provide their owners with exclusive utility, it could be a whole new way of bringing your fans into your world, and making them feel a part of something entirely exclusive.

Just this week, Budweiser released their NFT collection and also now own the domain ‘beer.eth’. Simultaneously changing their Twitter name to this URL in tandem.

Budweiser NFT collection

There’s no doubt that the Metaverse is coming, and will be a fundamental keystone of our lives in years to come and as web3.0 begins to take full flight.

If you as a brand are advertising on Facebook right now, you’ll be a part of this shift inevitably, as Facebook announced their name change to ‘Meta’ whilst also demonstrating their vision for how their platform will evolve into a full Metaverse in the future.

The world is changing, and this presents an opportune moment for brands and those who can follow the breadcrumbs to where this is all leading.

We at The Normal Company are working hard on the tech side of our business to keep our brands at the very forefront of how this is all unfolding, and have already made steps with a small handful of our clients to guide them on their Metaverse & NFT brand proposition, with some in early stage development as we speak.

We now look to potentially build out a fully done for you service ‘DFY’ when it comes to creating smart contracts, and building out NFT collections on the blockchain for brands that want to be a part of this web3.0 shift.

Bored Ape Collage

Black Friday Fashion

Black Friday: How to Win in 2019

The mad rush that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday is upon us. We are prepping our ‘Normal’ brands for some huge revenue busting figures come the end of it all. It’s expected to be a year bigger and better than last year, which heaved in a record of $6.2 BILLION in the US market in online sales alone. 

But, with every brand scrapping for the attention of the end consumer, will your brand REALLY hit those targets you set out to?

Here’s our Normal Company essential tips to soak the most out of the shopper frenzy..

1: Start Hyping NOW

A Black Friday promotion when done correctly, creates FOMO and drives impulse buys better than any other time of year. However, the brands that really win at this game are the ones that give their followers, email lists and previous customers a little heads up.

Why does this work? 

It’s the simple hype strategy, with the edge of the first mover advantage.

Remember, you are battling with 1000’s of other stores for those credit card details come the start of the weekend, and if you leave it too late, you are susceptible to being pushed out of the way by the stores that capture your customer’s attention first. If you can get in early, and create some hype about what is to come, you already have your customer’s attention, and are wetting their appetite by letting them browse the site, already anticipating making the purchase once the discounts become available.

Who does this well? 

Maniere De Voir as you can see here, have been hyping their massive 70% off promotion since the 17th November. This would have generated some huge intrigue and anticipation, allowing their loyal fans to essentially know what they are going to be in for, ahead of time. This has been done in such a way, it is similar to an event. A ‘save the date’ hype strategy which will have their customers on the edge of their sofa, with their wallets ready.

Maniere De Voir Black Friday Promotion

You can bet that their revenue figures will hit some very interesting numbers after BFCM.

2. Have Instant Offers

Black Friday is all about discounts and deals, and you’ll be dealing with seasoned shoppers who want to get the best deals and products for their money. So with this in mind, you need to place your deal in full view; from the moment people land on your site, add items to their cart and even after they’ve checked out.

The key here really is a key principle of success here at The Normal Company; make it easy.

Make things as easy as possible for customers to buy from you. Ramp up that conversion rate by eliminating as many barriers of sale as possible and guess what? You will get more sales.

When people have to search for deals or codes, especially during a big rush such as Black Friday, this creates a barrier which is most definitely unwanted for you, as the customer might end up going to a competitor if they cannot find a good enough promotion. So, you’ll need to give people instant access to discount codes, and make them easy to see. Spam that thing all over your social media, bang it on the front page of your site, and put it on every page as a banner. Promote it like a Kardashian, and break the internet. Don’t hold back.

A prime example, is Hot Topic. 

Click on their site and you are not going to miss their 30% discount offer. As a shopper lands on their site, there will not be a single person that will be missing this, and so this will get them into buying mode instantly.

Hot Topic 30% discount

3. Anticipating things to BLOW UP? Get your customer service ready. 

As an online shopper, you expect good, fast and reliable customer service. Especially at this ripe time of year when a ton of online sales are gifting; customers want to get it right first time when buying for someone other than themselves. LivePerson did a study revealing that 83% of online shoppers actively seek out help while they shop online.

If you have a scarcity of customer service on your website it will only fill your shoppers with doubt and make them uneasy about completing a purchase. At this peak part of the season when you are wanting some big revenue pumps, you need to be prepared for an influx of customer enquiries and questions. Be on hand, and invest into your site to ensure that you have everything a customer would need in order to have their questions answered, and fast.

You need to have your live chat, FAQ’s, size guides, customer support lines and returns policy as accessible as your offers for Black Friday. If any of these integral parts is unavailable before a sale, it’s most likely to be unavailable after a sale, and thus will create doubt, and leave you without the sale.

ASOS are killin’ the game when it comes to fashion e-commerce, and we are constantly reviewing why, in order for our brands to be ahead of the market. One key factor in ASOS’s rapid expansion and growth, is that their ASOS Stylists Live Chat is always on hand. If you have specific requirements such as particular sizing or needing any form of advice, you literally feel as though you are in a store, speaking with a genuine stylist.

Shore this stuff up, and get maximum ROI and conversion rates.

ASOS Stylist Chat

Happy BFCM!

The Normal Company x